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Shirley Huskey, Founder ChichiLuna

Shirley Huskey, Founder of ChichiLuna

When describing Shirley Huskey, founder of ChichiLuna, the famous words of Oscar Wilde come to mind: “One should either be a work of art, or wear a work of art”. Such is the philosophy of this self-made, Venezuelan born South Florida designer who has been making extraordinary, stylish pieces for women since the early 90′s. Combining style, elegance, comfort and a passion for the magic and beauty of nature, she channels the allure of old Hollywood glamour, while adding modern, free spirited twists, that lend a contemporary vibe to her collections.
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About ChichiLuna

Through the use of photography, artistic hand and digital drawings, designer Shirley Huskey creates vibrant patterns and images that are then digitally printed or silk-screened onto luscious silks and other natural fabrics.

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