Rainforest Leggings


These tights seem to be part plant and part animal. While standing still one can imagine a supple leaf swaying in a breeze, but start moving and you evoke the tigress slinking through grass. Channel the image of strength, beauty and resiliency of this original print into your practice…what ever that may be. This abstraction of nature can then translate to practical fashion with the addition of a simple tunic or tee…simply throw it on after your workout and run your errands without looking like you just left the gym!

About the Art

Born from an original photograph of a giant a Colocasia Leaf taken during a stroll through Fairchild Botanical Gardens by the designer Shirley Huskey.


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Product Description

  • Digitally printed Polyester Spandex blend
  • Available in Small, Medium, Large
  • Machine or Hand Wash in cold water.